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World Maritime University PhD in Maritime Affairs
World Maritime University

PhD in Maritime Affairs

Malmö, Sverige

3 Years



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Sep 2024

USD 50.000 *

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* full University fee


During the first phase of doctoral studies, candidates complete a research methodology programme and develop their research proposals. At the end of this initial period, the first progression seminar is held, at which candidates each present their research proposals.

Throughout the doctoral programme, further progression seminars are held where the candidates present their work to date and their research plans for the next twelve-month period. After every seminar, the Progression Board meets and considers the candidate’s progress. At this Board meeting, decisions are taken as to whether the candidate is to be permitted to progress to the next stage of the research.

The defence of each PhD dissertation is assessed by a specially established committee, which includes at least one senior and well recognized external expert in the relevant field, from an established organization.

A candidate’s enrolment can be terminated at any point if his/her progress is not considered to be satisfactory.





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